Moving into a New Home

Rituals and Blessings for Moving into a New Home


Choose a lucky day for your move

In India, it is important to choose the right day to move and to finish the job before sunset, according to a Hindu priest. There are almost 900 million Hindus across the world and Diwali is the most important religious holiday.It marks the return of the god Rama to the city of Ayodhya and thus the victory of light over darkness. This day is lucky. This holiday is celebrated in India, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Mauritius. If you are moving or putting your things in storage, it’s a good day!

Let a cat enter your home first

In Russia, it is considered that letting a cat enter your new home before you is a sign of a bright future. This belief is so important that a Russian bank has made it one of its offers to attract customers. She lends a cat for 2 hours to any customer who takes a loan from her!

Exit through the right door

In Ireland, the first time you leave your new home (once you have entered it of course), you must leave through the same door. If you don’t follow this ritual, the Irish believe that luck will not be there. Fortunately, this only applies for the first visit.

Sweep away your old problems

Many countries, in England, for example, have the tradition of changing brooms. This means that you replace the old with the new before moving into your new home with a moving company or not. The belief says that the dirt from the old house, is absorbed by the old broom. The latter stores problems and negative waves. So you have to buy a new broom to get rid of the old problems. The latter will be brand new and will ensure you a good new start in your new home.

Put an aloe plant outside your house

Writer and photographer Jesus Chairez moved from Texas to Mexico. He always thought that Mexico was a little enchanted country, with shamans etc. Although a Mexican friend, who lives in Dallas, told her it was nonsense, she also added, “Now that you live there, it’s true that it’s disturbing.” To fully understand, you have to tell his story. Arriving in Mexico, Mr. Chairez noticed that many Aloe vera plants were present at the entrance to homes and businesses. He asked the local people why? Since Jesus Chairez didn’t want any negative energy in his new home, he put a plant at the entrance. They chatted, drank wine etc. The next day the plant was sick. At the beginning Jesus thought that it was necessary to put some water but the day before, the plant was doing very well. Had the plant absorbed the bad vibes from this guest? Locals say that the guest was jealous of his house and the plant absorbed the negative vibes. And the plant died. That same day, Jesus went to buy a new plant. On the way back, he chatted with a lady who had an aloe plant in front of her house. While Jesus had not told what had happened to him with his first plant, the lady said to him: “You know, the plant you see in front of my house is not the first. 6 months ago, the first one died. The faded brown flowers looked as if the plant had wept.  The plant absorbs bad waves like a magnet! “. Jesus said oops! “That’s why I just bought a new plant! He can’t explain what happened, but the plant suddenly died when he thought he was getting a friendly visit.

Salt to protect your home

In Scotland or elsewhere, it is common for family or friends to bring bread and salt as gifts. Some people will scatter the salt throughout the house, especially windows and doors.

In Morocco, when you enter your new home, you have to put salt in every corner of the house. Also, we bring in a bottle of oil and a kilo of sugar, then we make a couscous that we divide into several small plastic bags. They will be placed in the corners of the house, before adding the salt.

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