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How to Prepare Your Home for a Professional Cleaning Service


Hiring a professional cleaning service or a mattress cleaner may make maintaining a tidy and organised house much easier. However, it’s helpful if you can do a little preparation beforehand to ensure the cleaners can work quickly and effectively. These are some crucial actions to take to prepare your house for a cleaning service by a specialist.

1. Tidy Up Common Spaces

Take some time to tidy common spaces like the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms before the cleaners arrive. Clear surfaces, pick up everything on the floor and store personal goods. This will free the cleaning crew to concentrate on thorough cleaning instead of arranging your belongings. Having a neat area also guarantees that no personal belongings are inadvertently lost when cleaning.

2. Safeguard Valuable Items

Before the cleaners arrive, make sure you secure any precious or fragile objects. Although cleaning services provided by professionals are often reliable, safeguarding valuables can avert any possible problems. Put valuables, jewels, and fragile items in a secure location. This will offer you peace of mind while the cleaning is being done and protect your possessions.

3. Express Particular Requirements and Priorities

Every house has unique cleaning requirements. Tell the cleaning service in advance if any special locations require more care or if you have any instructions for any particular item. Include a note indicating which areas or things you do not want to be cleaned. Effective communication guarantees that the cleaning crew may customise their services to meet your requirements.

4. Provide Instructions and Access

Make sure your house is accessible to the cleaning service. Plan an entrance method if you won’t be there when the cleaning is done, such as utilising a lockbox or leaving a key with a neighbour. Give any directions that are required for security systems, pet care, or any other particular needs. This makes it easier for the cleaners to do their work without any problems or disruptions.

5. Tidy the Toilet and Kitchen

Cleaning services are frequently given top importance in kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure the kitchen sink, stove, and surfaces are clear to allow for more thorough cleaning. Remove personal things from bathroom countertops, such as razors, toothbrushes, and toiletries. This guarantees that these high-traffic areas are cleaned completely and enables the cleaners to operate more effectively.

6. Make Sure Your Pets are Secure and Safe

If you have pets, make plans to keep them safe and secure while the cleaning is being done. Some dogs may exhibit aggressive or nervous behaviour around strangers. Pets should be kept outside the house or in a different room to avoid any problems during the cleaning process. To prevent surprises, let the cleaning service know if you have any pets and where they are kept.

7. Take Down Any Obstacles

Verify that there are no obstructions that might make cleaning more difficult. Moving small furniture or anything that can obstruct access to places that require cleaning is part of this. By making room, you make it possible for the cleaning crew to move about freely and do their work more quickly.

8. Check Cleaning Materials and Tools

Although the majority of professional cleaning services carry their tools and materials, it’s a good idea to be sure in advance. Make sure they have everything they need, and ask if there are any particular items they need from you. By preparing ahead of time, any delays or incomplete cleaning caused by a shortage of resources are avoided.


The way your house is set up for a professional cleaning service can have a big impact on how well and thoroughly the cleaning is done. By clearing clutter, protecting valuables, expressing demands, and guaranteeing simple access, you aid the cleaners in achieving the greatest outcomes. Following these instructions guarantees a seamless, stress-free transition and a clean house.

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