Infesting Your House

How to Prevent Flies from Infesting Your House?


Fly control is easy to overlook. Whenever you find a fly, you may just swat at it and forget about it. However, all types of flies can lead to issues in your house. Thankfully, fly elimination and prevention are not tricky. As long you have pest control experts at by your side, you can keep your home free of these pests. These experts are aware of how different species of flies behave, their nature, and their habitat. 

Identifying the Kind of Flies that Infest Your House

A lot of various kinds of flies are common in homes, but let us focus on the most common ones. 

  • House flies. These are big flies that can grow up to ¼ inches long. Often, these flies are gray and usually make a buzzing sound when they fly around. 
  • Fruit flies. These are tiny flies that can be brown or tan. Typically, they are found near drains and can reproduce inside drains. These species are drawn to fruits and vegetables, along with different sweet substances. In addition, bright colors are appealing to fruit flies.
  • Blow flies. These flies are usually mistaken for house flies as they are of the same size. However, blow flies have different colors like black, green, or blue. These flies are drawn to rotting food. That is why they tend to attack garbage cans. 

Are Flies Dangerous?

Various species of flies prevent different health risks. Generally, all flies can spread germs throughout your house. House flies can spread dangerous diseases like typhoid fever, tuberculosis, dysentery, and cholera. Sadly, flies can spread pathogens quickly as they move from one surface to another. Even if you do not see where flies are landing in your house, they may have already spread germs in a lot of locations. 

To effectively eradicate a fly infestation and prevent re-infestations, you need to work with a reliable pest control company. In the short term, sanitizing surfaces frequently is important to mitigate the risks associated with flies. 

Preventing Flies from Infesting Your House

To keep flies at bay, you need to make your home less appealing to them. This can be done by eliminating standing water sources inside and outside your house. Also, you should keep your food stored in airtight containers to prevent flies from coming into contact with them. repairing damaged door and window screens can prevent flies from getting inside. Whenever you spot dead flies in your house, get rid of them immediately. 

In addition, you seal garbage cans properly and tightly and sanitize your floors and counters. To deter fruit flies, pour boiling water down the drains.

If you want your home to be free of all types of flies, you must contact a reputable pest control company near you. Pest control experts can offer safe, effective, and efficient fly control. Also, they can provide customized prevention advice to ensure that flies will never infest your home and property again in the future. This is important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. 

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