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O’Fallon Pest Control Guide – Understanding Soil Health and Its Impact on Pest Resistance


When gardening or keeping your grass field healthy, you must know that healthy soil is key. You must understand that if the soil is healthy, there is a high chance that your crops or plants will not get infested by pests since pests tend to stay away from healthy soils because they can cause harm to them. Similarly, you must understand that the health of your soil has an impact on pest resistance. Therefore, before choosing soil for your yard, consider seeking help from professionals by searching for a pest control company near me on your search engine.

What is soil health?

When it comes to comprehending the impact of soil health on pest resistance, first, you must make sure that you know what soil health is. Soil health is divided into three parts, and it is ensured that all three are present in it. The three parts are organic matter, soil structure, and microbial activity. Soil is effective against pests only if the soil has the expected nutrients, which can help deter pests from crops. 

How does soil impact pest resistance?

Natural predators

Healthy soils are also a natural contributor to the diverse ecosystem; hence, due to healthy soil, many insects and other nematodes are attracted to it. Thus, these insects and nematodes happen to be a natural enemy for the pests. Thus, pests try to stay away from the fields where their predators are already waiting for them.

Stronger plants

Healthy soil makes sure to provide every strong protein that is needed for the plants to grow stronger. Thus, these strong plants are more than enough to resist the pest and take minimum damage from their attacks.

Advanced immunity

As you have heard, eating highly-rich protein food can help enhance your immunity system; likewise, healthy soil helps plants gain all the rich nutrients that are essential for enhanced immunity. 

Practices to improve soil health:

Use mulch

Mulch is an organic matter that is spread on the surface of the soil and covered with a thick layer. This mulch makes sure that the quality of the soil is enhanced and that no other pests try to infest it since it provides shelter to natural predators that feed on pests to keep their population in balance.

Minimum chemical use

You must make sure that you do not depend on chemical fertilizers and pesticides to keep the pests away. You should always use organic matter as much as you can since it helps in enhancing the soil health. In addition, make sure that you check your soil nutrients and HP levels by using testers.

If you are finding it difficult to deal with pests that are invading your fields, consider seeking assistance from the best pest control service.

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