Right Roof Color

How to Choose the Right Roof Color for Your Home


Choosing beautiful shingles with a beautiful color is the assurance of having a house that is just as beautiful. After all, the roof sometimes represents more than a third of the visible surface of the dwelling.

Moreover, this choice will affect you for many years , so it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Choosing the color of the roof of your house is a major element that should not be overlooked, especially if you want to create harmony with the rest of the house.

10 tips for choosing the color of the roof of your house

Choose a color that blends with your home

The most important thing when it comes to choosing the color of the roof of your house is to select one that will not clash with the rest. Shingles are great for creating contrast or blending in with the facade of your home.

If you are more classic, choose black, gray or brown shingles that are mat. On the contrary, if you are rather adventurous and like contrasts, go for light colors such as lighter brown-black shingles or even orange-red. You can even combine colors to create a gradient or scaling effect.

Seek advice from a roofing expert

Before choosing any shingle, it is recommended to consult a roofing expert. Construction et Toiture Teknic Art in Sherbrooke is there to help you in all stages of setting up your roof . You can rely on our expertise in waterproof coatings for all types of roofs.

The objective of our company is to provide our customers with the best quality work, both for new works and for the most complex renovation works. Do business with Construction et Toiture Teknic Art for an impressive customer experience and impeccable roof coverage in both residential and commercial applications . Check out our achievements to see what we are capable of!

Highlight the architectural style of your home

Your roof can match the architectural style of the rest of the building. Look around you to see your neighbors’ choices. You will then notice that some shingles are more appropriate for a certain style while others will rather marry another aspect. If it is a question of taste above all, aesthetics is just as important.

Make sure shingle color meets local rules

Before giving free rein to your imagination, consult the regulations of the locality where you live. There are chances that colors or even materials will be limited to certain selections.

You can get a general idea by also observing the other houses in the vicinity. Visit the district, the city or the village to see the choices made by other owners. Visit the website of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing of Quebec for more information on this subject.

Choose good insulation to save energy

Good insulation is essential if you want the roof of your building to last as long as possible. In addition, it will reduce your energy costs in the long run. The choice of color and material for your shingles is also an opportunity to save energy:

Asphalt, acrylic roofing, aluminum roofing, tile roofing… each has an impact on your consumption.

Light colors will keep your home cool while dark colors will retain heat. This aspect is important when considering the winters in Quebec and particularly in Estrie.

Select suitable materials for your shingles

It’s a way to assert your style and make your home unique.

Wood : As a general rule, wood shingles (also called shakes) are made of cedar, redwood or pine. They have a natural color, brown. You will notice them in places where these trees are very present. However, be careful if you live in an area where fires are conducive. It is better to opt for another type of shingles.

Consider combining shingle colors and patterns

The advantage with building or repairing a roof is that it’s a whiteboard and you can let your imagination run wild. Did you know that shingles are available in several patterns ? You can therefore combine them to give a unique character to your home.

However, make sure you don’t let your artistic soul completely take over. Combinations of patterns that are a little too conspicuous risk distorting the building and having a negative impact on its value. Match the right patterns with the right colors.

Take the opportunity to camouflage certain flaws

Whether in the context of building a new roof or repairing your current roof, shingles can be useful to hide certain defects. Indeed, soft contrasts such as a mixture of light brown and dark brown allow your home to go unnoticed and hide an anomaly that bothers you. On the other hand, stay away from strong color contrasts such as the combination of gray and cream which, on the contrary, make your roof and your house stand out.

Lean on the characteristics of your house

Your home is your best ally in guiding the choice of color and material for future shingles. You are not going to make the same selections if your roof is flat or if it is sloped. Also consider the windows and skylights on your roof. The material should follow the shape of the roof and the color should highlight its parts. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice if you feel a little lost.

Try before you buy

In the same way that you won’t paint a room without seeing a glimpse of the color on the wall in question, you can try out different shapes, materials, and colors of shingles before you buy. Do not hesitate to go to specialty stores and ask for samples. Try them near different architectural elements to get a taste of your choice. Also, do it at different times of the day to see if your selection is still right for you.

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